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Magic Lecture - Julie Noted

Having entertained the under 5's for 14 years, Julie shares her experiences with practical advice on how to engage toddlers with a mixture of magic, games and psychological control. She covers items specifically for toddler shows and more general magic for older children featuring her new style magic colouring book effect "Zoo Time". Julie's notes also talk about working in hospitals, will teach you how to learn twenty children's names in just ten minutes, shares some of her favourite games with you and offers some good business advice. If you're thinking of starting out in this lucrative market or if you're already well established, there will be something for everyone from this triple IBM award winner.


Lecture notes including postage £13- UK only


Here is a really nice comment from Fay Presto
- Magic Circle Lecture July2014

What I learned tonight was just how technical and detailed is the experience ( and the energy!) that goes into performances of this nature. Not the magic tricks, but the real tricks of management of the very young audience, their 'carers' and the organisers. and how much we have in common as performers when it comes to persuading a client that we know so much more than they do about carrying an event off and that they should TRUST ME!

Top marks Julie Carpenter, Chapeau! You shone tonight with energy charisma and experience. I am in awe.

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